Discover Adelaide’s Best Gluten-Free Dining Experience – the Duke of Brunswick

Discovering a dining spot that caters to gluten-free needs without compromising on flavour or variety is a quest for many. The Duke of Brunswick, affectionately known as ‘the dob’, is a stand out for the Coeliac community and those with dietary restrictions in Adelaide. Partnering with Foodini, a platform dedicated to making dining out with dietary requirements easy, ‘the dob’ offers an exceptional gluten-free experience that delights and reassures.

A Bold Commitment to Gluten-Free Dining

  • 100% Gluten-Free Kitchen: Two years ago, ‘the dob‘ transformed its kitchen to serve exclusively gluten-free fare, ensuring safety and peace of mind for those with gluten sensitivities.
  • Accredited by Coeliac Australia: This accreditation is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the gluten-free community, offering additional reassurance to diners about the safety of their dining experience.

The Foodini Connetion

Partnering with Foodini, ‘the dob‘ amplifies its reach to those searching for gluten-free dining options in Adelaide, illustrating the power of collaboration in enhancing the dining landscape for individuals with dietary needs.

  • Discover ‘the dob’: Foodini users can easily find ‘the dob’ and see their personalised menu based on their dietary needs.

More Than Just a Restaurant

The dob‘ is recognised as a centre of excellence for allergy-safe dining in Adelaide, not just for its menu but also for its commitment to creating an inclusive environment where:

  • Celebrations are Welcomed: With a menu and staff ready to accommodate various dietary needs, ‘the dob’ ensures that celebrations and gatherings are memorable and inclusive for everyone.
  • Feedback is Encouraged: In partnership with Foodini, ‘the dob’ listens to its patrons, continuously evolving its menu to meet and exceed the culinary desires of its diverse customers.


In partnership with Foodini, The Duke of Brunswick exemplifies how commitment to dietary inclusivity and collaboration with innovative platforms can create a dining experience that’s not only safe and delicious but also deeply rewarding. Whether navigating dietary restrictions or searching for exceptional gluten-free cuisine, ‘the dob’, featured on Foodini, stands as a culinary gem in Adelaide’s dining scene, inviting everyone to explore a world where gluten-free dining is a celebration of flavour, safety, and community.

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