Our Users’ Top 5 Gluten-Free Spots in Sydney: 2024 Edition

Explore the top gluten-free spots in Sydney for 2024, carefully selected by the Foodini family. Find safe, delicious dining options for every taste.

In a city as vibrant and diverse as Sydney, finding delectable gluten-free dining options is a breeze—thanks to the invaluable recommendations from the Foodini family. From bakeries dedicated to coeliac-friendly treats to restaurants offering a wide array of gluten-free dishes, Sydney boasts a variety of venues that cater not just to dietary needs but also to the culinary adventurer in everyone. Join us as we delve into the top gluten-free eateries in Sydney for 2024, spotlighting venues celebrated for their commitment to flavour, innovation, and safety in gluten-free dining.

Our Users' Top 5 Gluten-free Spots in Sydney

Wholegreen Bakery – CBD Cafe

257 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

A haven for those seeking gluten-free and coeliac-safe options, Wholegreen Bakery – CBD Cafe is renowned for its exquisite array of baked goods and brunch items. Lauded by both culinary experts and Foodini users for its uncompromising quality and taste, this cafe exemplifies the gold standard in gluten-free dining in Sydney.


57 King Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

P.J. O’Brien’s is known for offering a diverse gluten-free menu that delights without limits. Its vibrant atmosphere and extensive selection have earned it accolades from the gluten-free community and recognition as a top destination for satisfying, flavorful gluten-free meals.

Mission Cafe

64 York St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

As a hub for health-conscious diners, Mission Cafe shines with its vegetarian and gluten-free offerings. Esteemed for its nutritious yet delicious breakfast and brunch menu, this cafe is a testament to Sydney’s commitment to inclusive, healthful dining experiences.

Finn Poke – Sydney

Finn Poke Gateway, Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

Finn Poke champions fresh, healthy eating with its customisable poke bowls, including an array of gluten-free options. Praised for its vibrant flavours and commitment to nutritious dining, Finn Poke is a favourite among those seeking a delightful, gluten-free culinary experience.

Torotoro Ramen Bar

300 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo NSW 2000, Australia

Offering a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine with selections for various dietary needs, Torotoro Ramen Bar ensures that gluten-free diners can access delicious, diverse options. Its dedication to accommodating dietary restrictions makes it a beloved choice for those seeking exceptional gluten-free dining. See their gluten-free menu here.

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Sydney’s gluten-free dining scene is as dynamic and varied as the city. With recommendations from culinary experts and the Foodini community, our guide spotlights venues that cater to gluten-free dietary needs and excel in flavour, innovation, and atmosphere. Whether local to Sydney or just visiting, these top-rated gluten-free spots promise an unforgettable dining experience that prioritises safety and satisfaction.

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