Handle Dietary Needs

With ease

1 in 3 Australians have dietary needs

1 in 3 Australians have a dietary need or preference that influences their selection of hospitality venues and menu items.

Reduce the number of incidents with diners

53% of incidents happen despite restaurant staff being informed of the food allergy.

Don't lose diners from coming

Limited allergy information causes diners to forgo the restaurant visit altogether.

Existing Partners

Equip your business to accommodate individuals with food allergies

No staff training needed

No staff
training needed

Foodini automatically lists out the menu items suitable for your guests which save up time on food allergy training for your staff.

Our partner menus are dietitian verified


Mitigate the risk of legal liability and PR disasters related to food intolerances through registered, practising Foodini dietetic team.

Elevated Menu


Develop and adjust your ingredients in line with the most popular dietary needs amongst your guests (recipe not required).