Stop spending hours searching for allergy-safe restaurants – do this instead

Navigating the dining landscape with specific dietary needs is an all-too-familiar challenge for many. Traditionally, the search involves laborious Google searches, leading to tedious filtering through countless websites. This approach not only consumes significant time but also raises questions about the reliability of dietary information. Uncertainty about whether a restaurant truly accommodates specific dietary needs is a common source of frustration and anxiety for those with food allergies or special dietary requirements.

1. The Problem

The search for allergy-safe dining options has many challenges:

  • Uncertainty and Anxiety: Individuals face the constant worry of whether a restaurant can genuinely cater to their specific dietary restrictions, which is a significant cause of dining-related stress.
  • Cross-Contamination Risks: The fear of cross-contamination is natural for those with severe allergies, as many restaurants fail to provide transparent information about their kitchen practices, leaving diners in doubt about the safety of their meals.
  • Lack of Detailed Menus: Often, online menus need to provide sufficient information about allergens, forcing individuals to spend additional time calling restaurants for clarity. This lack of transparency makes it challenging to plan a safe dining experience.
Eating out with food allergies

2. The Conventional Solution

The traditional method of finding suitable dining options typically involves:

  • Dependence on Google Searches: This often leads to time-consuming scouring through reviews, restaurant websites, and sometimes unreliable third-party sources.
  • Tedious Verification Process: There is a need to call restaurants to confirm menu details and kitchen practices, which can be cumbersome and often yield inconsistent information.
  • Mixed Results and Frustration: The inconsistency and unreliability of information found online often lead to a frustrating experience, with potential risks for those with severe dietary restrictions.
Struggle to search for a restaurant

3. Introducing Foodini, The Better Solution

Foodini emerges as a comprehensive solution to these challenges:

  • Dietitian-Reviewed Menus: Offering a level of trust and accuracy in dietary information, Foodini’s dietitian-verified menus are meticulously reviewed by accredited dietitians, ensuring that diners receive reliable and detailed allergen information.
  • Customised Dietary Profiles: Users can create a personalised profile reflecting their specific dietary needs, making it easier to find matching restaurants without the hassle of manual searches. This feature streamlines the process of identifying suitable dining options.
  • Community-Based Trust and Shared Experiences: The platform fosters a community where users can share reviews and experiences, building trust and reassuring others with similar dietary needs.
  • Emphasis on Cross-Contamination Practices: Foodini goes beyond just listing menu options; it offers valuable insights into restaurants’ cross-contamination practices, which is crucial for those with severe allergies.

Find Personilised Venue Recommendations

Look out for the dietitian verified tick to see menus that have been looked at & in contact with the head chef by our accredited dietitian team.

Expanding the Solution

  • Regional Diversity in Dining Options: Foodini’s extensive database covers many locations, making it easier for users to find allergy-safe restaurants in different regions, including Sydney’s diverse culinary scene with options like gluten-free schnitzels and vegan breakfast.
  • Aiding in Special Dietary Needs: Whether it’s a low FODMAP diet, lactose intolerance, or veganism, Foodini’s app helps users navigate various dietary needs with tailored options and substitutions.


Foodini presents a modern, efficient, and reliable solution for finding allergy-safe restaurants. Its user-friendly interface, combined with the assurance of dietitian-reviewed menus, simplifies dining out for individuals with dietary restrictions. Embrace a new way of discovering dining options that are safe, enjoyable, and tailored to your needs. Download the Foodini app today and join a community prioritising dietary inclusivity and safety.

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