Sydney’s 5 Best Restaurants for All Diets this Holiday

The holiday season in Sydney is a time of vibrant culinary adventures. Amidst this bustling city, the quest to find restaurants that cater to varied dietary needs can be overwhelming, especially during the festive rush. To alleviate this, we’ve handpicked five exemplary dietitian verified restaurants in Sydney that are not only culinary gems but also paradigms of inclusive dining. Each venue weaves a tapestry of flavours that respects and celebrates dietary diversity, ensuring a joyful, stress-free holiday dining experience for everyone.

1. Finn Poke

Finn Poke is an oasis in the heart of Sydney, offering a refreshing array of poke bowls that are as delightful to the palate as they accommodate various diets.

Location: Sydney CBD

Dietary Focus: Vegan & Vegetarian Options

Menu Highlights: Fresh Poke Bowls, Fish & Seafood, Healthy Options

Visit: Finn Poke – Sydney

2. Daily Greens

At Daily Greens, each dish celebrates flavour and health, crafted with care to suit gluten-free and vegan lifestyles without compromising taste.

Location: Paddington

Dietary Focus: Gluten-Free Friendly, Vegan Options

Menu Highlights: Organic Green Bowls, Gluten-Free Wraps

Visit: Daily Greens – Paddington

3. Wholegreen Bakery

Wholegreen Bakery is a haven for gluten-free indulgence, where every bite is a testament to its commitment to quality and inclusivity in baking.

Location: Sydney CBD

Dietary Focus: Coeliac Australia Accredited Bakery

Menu Highlights: Gluten-Free Pastries, Artisan Breads

Visit: Wholegreen Bakery

4. Osteria Coogee

Osteria Coogee is a charming Italian retreat where traditional flavours meet gluten-free innovation, creating a dining experience that is both authentic and accessible.

Location: Coogee

Dietary Focus: Italian, Gluten-Free Options

Menu Highlights: Handmade Pasta, Seafood Platters

Visit: Osteria Coogee

5. Ella & Beau

Ella & Beau is a gem where modern Australian cuisine is reimagined with a health-conscious twist, offering dishes that are as nourishing as they are delicious.

Location: Forest Lodge

Dietary Focus: Healthy, Modern Australian

Menu Highlights: Seasonal Salads, Gourmet Sandwiches

Visit: Ella & Beau


From Finn Poke’s vibrant bowls to Osteria Coogee’s Italian charm, each of these five restaurants in Sydney brings something unique to the table, united by a common thread of inclusivity. This holiday, dive into a world where dietary needs are made easy and savour the diverse culinary landscape of Sydney. Discover the joy of inclusive dining and make your holiday feast memorable at these top picks!

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