Ultimate Holiday Guide to Dining with Dietary Needs in Australia

A man and a young child walking hand in hand on a sandy beach during sunset, with the sun casting a warm golden glow over the scene. The ocean waves gently lap at the shore in the background.

The holiday season in Australia is like no other, offering sun-drenched destinations and festive celebrations. Foodini ensures those with specific dietary needs don’t miss out on the festivities with the ultimate guide to dining with dietary needs in Australia. Explore venues reviewed by dietitians and enjoy delightful dishes that cater to allergies, intolerances, and lifestyle dietary preferences. 

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With its rich culinary tapestry, Adelaide warmly welcomes with its all-embracing menus.

Bright and modern dining area with a white table and chairs, green leather bench, and large windows showcasing tropical plants outside in an Adelaide café.


The Duke of Brunswick

Dive into GF and vegan-friendly festive starters such as crispy tofu, samosas, and spring rolls. And don’t miss the Vegan Dob Dog for mains!

The Duke of Brunswick Hotel: A historic gem in the heart of Adelaide.


The DOB on Kind William 

 Traverse the city and indulge in delights like a   Mediterranean baguette, a quinoa nourish bowl,   or the Vegan Breaky Bowl.

Fresh salad bowl with poached egg on top from The DOB on King William cafe.


Peter Rabbit

The Rabbit Bowl promises a wholesome treat for both vegan and gluten-free aficionados.

Enchanted entrance of Peter Rabbit Café with fairy lights and urban graffiti background.


Nestled along the Sunshine Coast, Noosa presents a delightful holiday destination but also a thriving culinary scene. For those looking to refresh and recharge, visit:

Outdoor dining table with rosé wine and a gourmet platter, overlooking waterfront homes.


Blended Health Bar

Acai and cocoa bowls await the health-conscious traveler.

Two hands holding smoothie bowls with assorted fruits and toppings at Blended Health Bar, Noosa.


Happy Pops Noosa

Gelato and Sorbet Pops provide a revitalising treat.

Display counter filled with colourful popsicles at Happy Pops.

Byron Bay

Immerse yourself in Byron Bay’s rich surf culture and bohemian atmosphere. For those seeking unique culinary delights tailored to their dietary needs, a plethora of options await:



Explore dishes like ‘The Vego’, ‘Shroom Noodle Soup’, and ‘Big Island Shrooms’

Variety of colorful poké bowls with fresh ingredients displayed on a white surface.


Sydney’s gastronomic scene promises an unforgettable New Year’s experience.

A vibrant fireworks display illuminating the night sky over Sydney Harbour Bridge, with silhouettes of spectators and boats in the foreground.


Spiced By Billus

Make a bang this New Years, relish the flavours of Dal Tadka and Punjabi fish curry.


A spacious and modern restaurant interior with eclectic hanging lamps, diners seated at tables, and a bustling atmosphere.


Endeavour Taprooms

Share joyous moments over allergy-friendly burgers, chicken parmis, and in-house crafted beers.

A vintage-style cafe facade with arched windows, and people sitting under umbrellas.


Don’t Tell Aunty 

A fun option where one can find delightful Indian cuisine.

A vibrant Indian thali set against a blue background, showcasing a variety of dishes including curries, rice, and papad, garnished with flowers and sprouts.

New Years done right, check out what Sydney’s menus have to offer and many more options here.

Traveler’s Tip: Stay Prepared on the Go!

Ensure you’re armed with non-perishable snacks to maintain your festive mood. 

For those treading the low FODMAP path, FODBODs offers a range of delicious and stomach-friendly snacks. And if you’re scouting for vegan and gluten-free snacks, Nutraorganics probiotic or collagen bars serve as the perfect travel companion.

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