How to Stick to Your Vegan Diet at Weddings, Parties, and Catered Events

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Navigating the world of social events as a vegan can sometimes feel like a daunting task. From weddings to parties, and catered events, the food options can often be limited and not tailored to a vegan lifestyle. However, using Foodini for planning and preparation, sticking to your vegan diet at these events can be a breeze. Let’s explore some strategies on how to stick to your vegan diet at weddings parties and catered events.

Preparation for Events as a Vegan is Key

The first step in maintaining your vegan diet at social events is preparation. This involves doing some research beforehand to understand what kind of food will be served. If it’s a wedding, reach out to the couple or the wedding planner to inquire about vegan options. For parties and catered events, contact the host or the catering company to discuss your dietary needs.

Another part of preparation is bringing your own food. While this might not always be possible, in many cases, hosts will appreciate your initiative and understanding. Pack some vegan snacks or a meal that you can enjoy during the event. This not only ensures that you have something to eat, but also reduces the stress of finding vegan options at the event.

To reduce stress during the holiday period, using tools like Foodini can help you find your next vegan catered event. (If your not hosting you can send them to Foodini to help the hosts find a venue that caters to all dietary needs)

Researching the Menu

  1. Scan the menu for naturally vegan options: After creating your profile on Foodini, Look for menu matches that are personalised to your profile.
  2. Inquire about dressings and sauces: Even seemingly vegan dishes may contain hidden animal products in their sauces or dressings. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.
  3. Seek assistance if the menu is unavailable: If the menu isn’t accessible beforehand, approach the event staff for guidance. The staff should be able to provide information about the ingredients used in each dish.
  4. Always ask when in doubt: It’s always better to err on the side of caution and ask about ingredients rather than risk compromising your dietary restrictions.

Packing your own Food

When packing your own food, consider options that are easy to carry and don’t require heating. Vegan wraps, sandwiches, salads, and energy bars are all great choices. If you’re attending a potluck-style event, bring a vegan dish to share. This not only ensures you stick to your vegan diet at events, but also introduces others to delicious vegan food.

Remember to pack your food in a way that it stays fresh and safe to eat. Use insulated bags for items that need to stay cold, and sturdy containers to prevent spills. Also, don’t forget to bring utensils!

Communication is Crucial

Clear and polite communication is crucial when navigating social events as a vegan. Don’t be afraid to express your dietary needs to the hosts or the catering staff. Most people are accommodating and will do their best to provide options that suit your needs.

Practice makes perfect… Check out Sydney’s Best Vegan Burgers to improve your communication skills. 

When communicating your needs, be clear about what being vegan means. Not everyone understands that it involves avoiding all animal products, including dairy and eggs. Politely explain your dietary restrictions and offer suggestions if possible.

Generally speaking, venues are able and more than happy to cater for dietary needs as long as they are given notice. We’d recommend at least 1-2x weeks notice before attending an event, to allow time for the hosts to organise an appropriate meal, or provide you with the suitable menu options they already have.

Communicating with Hosts about your Dietary Needs

When communicating with hosts, be respectful and understanding. Remember, they have a lot on their plate, and accommodating every guest’s dietary needs can be challenging. Express your needs early on, so they have time to make arrangements. If you want to make the hosts life easier, utilising the multi-profile feature on Foodini will help to choose a venue that caters to everyones dietary needs. 

If the host is unfamiliar with veganism, offer to bring your own food or suggest some simple vegan dishes they could include. Be appreciative of their efforts, even if the options are limited. After all, the focus of these events is not just the food, but also the company and the celebration.

The Foodini ultimate holiday guide to dining with dietary needs in Australia can be a great place to get some ideas to recommend to the hosts.

Communicating with Catering Staff about your Dietary Needs

When communicating with catering staff, be specific about your needs. Ask about the ingredients used in each dish and request modifications if necessary. If the event is buffet-style, ask which dishes are vegan or can be made vegan.

Remember to be polite and patient. Catering staff are usually dealing with multiple requests and tasks, so a little understanding goes a long way. Also, don’t forget to thank them for their assistance!

Staying Positive and Flexible During Events

Sticking to a vegan diet at social events can sometimes be challenging, but maintaining a positive and flexible attitude can make the experience much more enjoyable. Focus on the positive aspects of the event, like the company and the celebration, rather than the food. And remember, being flexible doesn’t mean compromising your values, but rather adapting to the situation at hand.

Finally, remember that every small step counts. Even if the options are limited, choosing the vegan option sends a powerful message about the demand for plant-based foods. So, stay positive, stay prepared, and enjoy the event!

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